It can be frustrating to work a shift and then have to wait months to get paid via the Trust. That’s why our Instant Pay service allows you to get paid on the same day for all the shifts you’ve booked on Messly, regardless of department.

How have we done this?

We pay you on the same day the shift is completed after submission of your signed timesheet (just email it to us) - via direct debit. You then submit your timesheet to the Trust as usual and you will get paid by the Trust. As soon as this payment comes through we take back the money we paid you via the direct debit agreement we set up with you.

What we need from you

You need to be registered with Messly Locum to get access to Instant Pay. After that, we just need you to complete a short form to activate it on your account.  As part of the process, you’ll be required to setup a direct debit with us using our trusted partner GoCardless.

To request Instant Pay on your account please click on the button below, and we’ll sort it.

What’s the catch?

We suggest an optional ‘tip’ for each Instant Pay shift you claim. This tip enables us to keep the Instant Pay service available for you and other Messly doctors, so you can get paid on time.
It’s £5/ per shift, capped at £15 per claim. If you like what we’re doing we’d be grateful for your support, but there is always an option to remove the tip if you’d rather not contribute. However, without this contribution it’s unlikely we can continue running the service across your departments.

We'll suggest a tip when we reclaim our payment to you, at which point you will have the option to remove it. If you have any questions please reach out at

To find out more about Messly's Instant Pay feature, check out our Instant Pay FAQ.

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