To apply for a shift on Messly, you need to complete our application checklist to confirm that you are eligible to apply for shifts in a department.  We need to check:

  1. You're a member of the department you wish to apply to.
  2. You're employed with the Trust, either currently or on the bank.
  3. You have completed your Messly profile.

Until you have completed the checklist the shift will appear as 'Cannot Apply'.

Here's a breakdown of the checklist:

1. You're a member of the department

On Messly you need to be approved by the rota coordinator in a department (e.g. Charing Cross Anaesthetics) before you can apply for shifts they post. You can see a list of the departments you are approved to work in under My Departments.


You can join a department from the shift page or by going to 'Find Departments'

Once on the department page - click 'Apply' to request to join. The rota coordinator will then need to approve you. You can track the status of your application from the My Departments page.

2. Employment Status

To book shifts in a department you must be registered with payroll at the Trust. For example, if you wanted to work at Charing Cross Hospital Critical Care department, you would need to be registered with payroll at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

You will be registered with payroll if:

  1. You are currently working in the Trust  or
  2. You are registered with the Trust's staff bank.

You must confirm what your employment status is at each Trust before you can book shifts.


You can confirm your from the shift page or by going to 'Staff Banks'.

Then you click 'Update Staff Bank Status' to tell us your current employment status with the Trust.

For more information on the individual staff banks statuses, please read Staff Banks on Messly.

3. Profile Picture and Mobile Number

We require every doctor to have a profile picture and an updated mobile number on Messly. Click 'Update' on the shift page will take you to your profile page where you can upload a picture and add your mobile number.

Once these 3 steps have been completed - you'll be ready to apply for shifts!

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