Messly connects you directly with hospital departments to find and book locum shifts. Because you engage directly with the Trust, you always be employed and paid by the Trust, which means we need to ensure you are registered to work there before you can book shifts!

You will be eligible to work in a Trust if you

  1. You are currently employed at the Trust on a full-time/part-time basis
  2. You are registered with the Trust's staff bank.

Submitting your employment status for a Trust

On the Staff Banks page you'll see all the Trusts that are linked to your departments. You can update your employment status at each of these Trusts by clicking 'Update Staff Bank Status'.

You will need to complete a short questionnaire which will allocate you one of five statuses for each Trust:

1. Not Submitted: 

You have not submitted your status for this Trust

2. Not Registered (New Doctor): 

You are not registered with the Trust and have never worked here before. You will need to complete full-registration with the Trust.

3. Registration in progress

You are not registered with the Trust's staff bank but have previously been employed by the Trust. You will need to complete a partial registration with the Trust.

4. Currently Employed

You are not registered with the Trust's staff bank but have previously been employed by the Trust. You will need to complete a partial registration on the Trust.

5. Expired

Your current employment or staff bank registration with the Trust has expired.

Registering with new Trusts?

If you are not registered with a Trust. Messly can help with the registration process of joining the bank. Just submit your employment status for a Trust and if see that you're not - we'll get in touch and ask you to sign some forms to get registered with the Trust.

How do I know if I'm registered with a Trust's staff bank?

You will usually have to have completed a 'Bank Joiner' form after finished working at a Trust. This is usually valid for up to one year.

You can check your registration status by contacting the bank. Please click on one of the link's below to send an email to the staff bank.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Hillingdon NHS Trust
Guys' and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust

What information do you need from me to join a new Trust?

We need you to complete the 'Personal Information' form which you can find on the staff bank page. 

Each Trust varies with the exact information they require but this capture the majority of the information they need. We will then contact you with specific requirements for each Trust. We then use this information to generate the bank forms for the Trust for your signature, saving you time on form-filling!

Can I store my medical documents on Messly?

Yes, you can! Storing your medical documents makes it quicker to register with new Trusts as we have all your information on record. You can upload them on the Medical Documents page.

How secure are my documents on Messly?

We conform to the highest security and privacy standards to ensure your documents are safe on Messly.. We also do not share your details with third party services and only send registration information to Trust's with your permission.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us 

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