How to post a shift

You can post a shift by clicking on ‘Create Shift’ on the 'Manage Shifts' page.

Please enter the relevant details for the shift including hourly rate. If the hourly rate is capped you can use our rate calculator to calculate it.

How to confirm an applicant

Once an applicant has applied for a shift, you will see details of their profile on the dashboard and the relevant shift page.

You can accept the applicant for the shift by clicking the green icon. The shift will be offered to the doctor - who then has to confirm that they are willing to accept the shift.

Once the doctor has confirmed a shift, it will turn green on your dashboard.

Making an offer to an applicant

If there are doctors in your bank who you know can complete a shift, you can offer them a shift directly rather than waiting from them to apply by clicking on the 'Offer Shift' tab. Please note that you can only offer shifts to doctors who are already approved in your locum bank.

Cancelling a confirmed doctor

If you need to remove a doctor from a shift, but still need to keep the shift open (for example if a doctor calls in sick), you can do so by clicking on the bin icon. You will be asked to provide a reason, which will be sent to the applicant.

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