Your department locum bank contains all the doctors who are approved to work in your department.

Only doctors who are approved in your locum bank are able to book your shifts on Messly. 

Doctors can join your bank by

  1. Being invited into your bank by the department 
  2. Applying to join your department if they are already registered on Messly.

1) Inviting Doctors to your bank

You can doctors into your locum bank by email or finding them on Messly.

i) By Email

On the find shifts page, click on ‘Invite Doctor by Email’ and enter their details. We will email them an invitation to join Messly.

ii) Find Doctors 

On the ‘Find Doctors’ page you will see a list of all doctors who are currently registered with Messly. You can search and filter these doctors by specific grade and specialty. If you would like the doctor to join your bank click ‘Invite’. They will be sent an invitation to join your bank. 

2) Approving A Doctor In Your Locum Bank

If a doctor applies to join your department you are required to approve them before they can book shifts.

These doctors will appear under ‘Applications’. You can view their profile and message them for further information.

If you’re ready to approve them click ‘Accept’.

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