Here at Messly, we want doctors to go into their locum shifts knowing what to expect. That's why we collect and display reviews and information about each department on our training site (we're working on integrating this into the app so you can read about shifts right before you book them!) - so you can go in fully armed for a successful shift.

If you'd like to submit a review and contribute to the database, you can! Just click here.

You'll be asked for:

  • Which hospital you're reviewing
  • Which specialty you're reviewing
  • Which training grade your shift was for
  • When you started
  • How you'd rate the department at that hospital out of 5
  • Pros of that department
  • Cons of that department
  • Any advice you'd offer to doctors working a shift there

We're also offering a £10 Amazon voucher for the first three reviews each doctor submits - so if you've worked a locum shift with Messly, get submitting to help yourself and help other doctors!

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