What is Messly?

Messly is an online community for UK doctors. We are passionate about helping doctors be doctors, by providing digital tools and services to support doctors in training, connect with each other and easily find work. Over 16,000 UK-trained doctors currently use Messly.  You can learn more about us at www.messly.co.uk

What is Messly Jobs?

Messly Jobs is an innovative platform for doctors to find interesting clinical opportunities in the NHS.

Why have you created Messly Jobs?

Messly jobs is built in response to feedback from trainees who have had poor experiences using NHS Jobs to find relevant and frustration from departments who have struggled to find good candidates for roles. 

Here are the main problems identified:

  • Poor mobile accessibility
  • Unable to easily filter for roles by region, grade, specialty
  • Out-of-date or inaccurate information on job descriptions
  • Features built for nurses rather than doctors
  • No candidate filtering for departments leading to unwanted and unsuitable 

How are you different from NHS Jobs?

We provide a much a superb user experience to engage  doctors and reduce the friction to finding a role. 

Here’s how Messly Jobs is better for doctors:

  • Easy access through our mobile app to easily find roles on the go
  • A jobs board for doctors-only with accurate and structured information on job roles. 
  • Detailed search filters to receive specific job alerts matched to grade, specialty, region
  • Customised jobs alerts based on grade, specialty and region
  • Ability to see reviews on department from trainees who have worked there
  • Ability to ask questions about the role

How do you make money from Messly Jobs?

Messly Jobs is currently free to post roles for NHS Trusts. We will be introducing premium features in future including premium listings, bespoke recruitment and candidate searching. We’ll keep you posted on these.

How do I post my role on Messly Jobs?

With your permission, we will copy over details from your NHS Jobs post and post it on Messly Jobs. We may need you to complete a short questionnaire to fill in any blanks, to make sure you have the best possible job ad.

More questions - send us a message through Live Chat ------------>>>>>>>>>>

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