What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting is engaging with potential candidates online on social platforms.

This enables recruiting hospitals to reach out to doctor candidates on the sites that they are already using in a non-intrusive but effective way.

Professional communities such as Messly capture specific information on doctors' specialties and grades, work preferences and availability, which enables targeted and high-value offers to made to suitable doctors in a personalised and un-intrusive way. 

This differs from traditional recruitment, which doctors find extremely frustrating as they are offered roles that don't match their requirements.

Further, reaching candidates through phone-calls, email and magazines are much less effective than using the platforms which they are already engaging with on a daily basis.

Is social recruiting effective for doctors?

Social recruiting is a very effective strategy for recruiting doctors. Research shows that 75% of hires aren’t actively searching but can be reached through social recruiting.

Statistics from Doximity show that:

  • 10.5% Actively seeking for jobs
  • 72.8% Passively seeking but not on job boards
  • 16.7% Not seeking and happy at their current position

The real benefit of social recruiting is that it allows recruiters to access both active and passive candidates who wouldn't otherwise be reachable. This allows recruiting hospitals to to broaden the candidate pool by 8x and tap into a pool of otherwise unavailable doctors.

How can I get started with social recruiting?

Messly is the largest active network for doctors in the UK, with 35% of UK junior doctors using the service. In total, there are over 21,000 members.

Whilst there are generic professional sites like LinkedIn, Messly focuses specifically on UK doctors and captures information that's relevant for placing them into work within the NHS or private healthcare organisations. 

Every doctor on Messly completes a profile with their grade, specialty and experience and their availability for work. Within their availability they tell us what regions, hospitals, specialties and dates they are available from, and can easily update this information at any time. This allows us to provide targeted and high-value offers to made to suitable doctors in a personalised and un-intrusive way.

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