After working for nearly ten years at Medecho, I moved to Messly to lead their recruitment efforts. At Messly, we do things quite differently. We focus on acquiring and engaging doctors working (or who want to work) in the UK. 

How do we acquire doctors? 

We provide up-to-date resources, articles and tools to help them throughout their career. This includes the largest doctor's only jobs site in the UK. This has helped us to grow into a community of over 22,000 - 1 in 3 of the UK workforce. 

The next step for us is to provide our doctors with the best roles - that's where you come in...

How do we help agencies?

We want to partner with framework approved agencies who have open positions in the UK. The hardest role of an agency is finding a sustainable way of acquiring doctors. We have the doctors - just not enough roles(!) 

We want to provide a select few agencies with access to our community. This means you can stop cold calling, paid advertising and buying email lists - saving you a lot of hassle, time and money. 

We built Talent Finder to be our 'gateway' into our community platform. Agencies can now search, contact and book interviews with qualified doctors in minutes - not days.

Create your account to get started for free. There are no upfront fees and you only pay when a Messly doctor secures the role.

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