Stefan Conway - Head of Operations 

Recruiters spend a lot of time contacting doctors, editing CVs and keeping track of their availability. With an ever-changing pool of available doctors, it's hard to keep track and act quickly.

We've solved that.

At Messly, we've built smart ways to automate admin, allowing us to efficiently, acquire high quality doctors and provide agencies access to them. Messly Talent Finder is your gateway to the workforce. We supply the doctors from our 22k strong doctors community. You can search, contact and setup calls within minutes not days.

My day to day...

Our doctors are engaged and ready to work, all they need is access to the best roles. My typical day involves getting doctors profiles ready to go live onto the platform. This includes vetting candidates, qualifying leads and editing CVs. We're in touch with doctors across all grades and specialties. Speaking to the top 5% makes the day exciting. It's always great to hear from passionate, talented candidates.

Create your account to get started for free. There are no upfront fees and you only pay when a Messly doctor secures the role.

How Talent Finder works

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