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We have found that specific, personalised messages are much more likely to get responses from doctors on Messly.

Here are your top tips for sending a great first message to a doctor:

1) Be specific about shifts

This is the best way to engage a doctor.

We allow you to include details of up to three specific shift blocks, where you have them. You can add add the hourly rate, dates and shift patterns so the doctor knows exactly how it will fit into their schedule and how much they'll earn.

If you don't have specific shifts yet, but you're expecting to have some soon, you can mention hospitals where you have great relationships. You do this by un-checking the "This job is live" box. You can also also include usual rates here.

Including information about the department and shift patterns is great too. How big is the department? Is there anything unusual or interesting about it? Will locums usually cover on calls?

2) Give them choices

We allow you to add up to three blocks of shifts for each doctor.

Adding more choice will increase your chance to exciting the doctor and getting a positive response.

3)  Forget copy and paste

Making an effort to personalise the message to doctors will also increase your chances of getting a reply. Doctors are likely to receive multiple messages through the platform so are unlikely to respond unless it looks like you’ve made an effort to read their profile and tailor your message.

Examples of good messages:

"Good morning James. Congrats on passing your MRCP!

I'm Chris, one of the senior recruiters at ABC Locums. I can see you are interested in medicine work in the Southport area. I was wondering if you'd be willing to travel to Blackpool? We have lots of General Medicine SHO shifts there from August, paying £42 per hour PAYE for day shifts with accommodation available. It's a very friendly department that's very accommodating to locums.

If that's not suitable, I have also included some shifts at the Royal Liverpool. These are paid at £36 per hour but also a great place to work.

I would love to discuss this further. I look forward to hearing from you"

"Good afternoon Claire.

I'm Chris, one of the recruiters at ABC Locums. I can see you are interested in A&E SHO shifts in Yorkshire.

We work with a number of hospitals across the region including Mid Yorks, Scarborough, Doncaster, Leeds, Grimsby, York, Huddersfield and more. I have included example rates for Mid Yorks, Huddersfield and Doncaster as these are closest to your home. I'm certain we can get you the hourly rate you are asking for.

If this sounds interesting, please let me know you're interested and when you might be free to speak"

Examples of bad messages:

"Hi Dr Z. We have lots of work across London. Are you free for a chat?"

"Hi Dr A. ABC Locums are the leading provider of locum across the UK, and a framework approved agency. Can you give me a call on 0203 561890"

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