In this article we explain ho to quickly book in calls to speak with doctors who are interested in working with you on Messly.

Key Steps

1. Doctors booking calls in directly

When a doctor responds to your first message, they will have the option to book in a call with you by choosing a convenient date and time. We encourage doctors to do this to minimise the time spent scheduling calls after they’ve shown an interest in your jobs. If a doctor choses to book a call with you, you will both be alerted by email and sent a calendar invite. If you accept the invitation you’ll be sent a reminder 10 minutes before the call starts.

2. Requesting A Call

If a doctor doesn’t book in a call with you straight away, you can prompt them to schedule a call using the ‘Request Call’ feature on the conversations page. This sends an automated message to the doctor asking them to schedule a call with you. The doctor will be able to chose a convenient date and time from the calendar. You will be automatically alerted when the doctor has booked a call and you’ll both be sent a reminded 10 minutes before the call.The scheduled call will be added to both your calendars and the conversation status will be updated to ‘Call Scheduled’.

You can use the ‘Request Call’ feature from the conversation page.

3. Adding A Call To Your Calendars

We would encourage you to use the ‘Request A Call’ feature to schedule a call, however if you’ve scheduled a call with the doctor offline or via messaging - you can add the call to both your calendars using the ‘Add Call to Calendar’ feature. This will also update the status of the conversation to ‘Call Scheduled’ and send reminders to both of you before the call.

4. Rescheduling Calls

If a call has already been scheduled with a doctor but you need to reschedule, you can click the 'Reschedule Call' button which will appear in place of 'Add Call to Calendar'. You'll be asked to suggest an alternative time and the doctor will be sent an updated calendar invite.

If you need any further support, you can contact our team on support@messly.co.uk or +44 7947 363546

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