In this article we will explain how to add jobs into existing conversations on Messly

Doctors may request you suggest alternative jobs when you're in conversation with them on Messly. Adding jobs that match the doctors requirements gets them engaged and makes them more likely in following through to speak to you.

Key Steps

You can add new jobs using the 'Add Jobs' button on the conversations page.

This will open a popup asking you to enter a new job. You can add as many jobs as you like from here.

You also access your 'Recommended Jobs'. We suggest using this to see if any of the jobs you have uploaded onto Messly match the doctor's requirements.

Once you've added your jobs, click 'Update' and the jobs will be added to the conversation. The doctor will be notified by email that you have added new jobs to the conversation and will be able to provide feedback. Their feedback will be visible in the Job section of the page.

We usually recommend following up with a short message to let them know you have added new jobs and asking the doctor for their feedback.

If you need any further support, you can contact our team on or +44 7947 363546

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