Message templates allow you to quickly send pre-vetted messages to doctors. We recommend these up to save time when messaging doctors.

In this article we'll walk through how to setup great message templates on Messly.

Key Steps

When you're messaging a doctor on Messly, you'll see there's an option to Add/Edit message templates for your account. Clicking on this will bring up a popup to add / edit your message templates.

New Templates

To add a new template, click 'Add Template'

From here you can chose a name for your template and add the specific message you would like to send. Click 'Add Template' to save this template.

We recommend removing any personal details from the message templates as the system won't substitute this data when you send them to a different doctor.

Editing Templates

If you have an existing template you would like to modify, click on 'Edit Template' and select the template you would like to edit. From here you can go ahead and change the name and content of the message template.

One you've made your changes, click 'Save Changes'.

Adding Your Template to A Message

Next time you're sending a message you can select the name of the message template from the list and it will pre-populate the message box with your message template.

Please note the template will not replace the doctor's name or other personal details you have saved in the message template so please make sure you read through and check the message before you send it.

To get you started, we will automatically save the first 5 messages you send on Messly as templates, so you can go in and edit these afterwards.

For tips of what information to include in your message templates we recommend reading Tips on sending a great message.

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