We've added some useful information to doctor's profiles on Messly to help you better understand their current work situation and match them to potential jobs.

Current Work Status:

We now ask doctors to tell us where they are with their job search and their readiness to join an agency. This will display next to the doctor's name on their profile:

Actively Looking: Ready to receive offers on Messly

Open to Offers: Currently has other work booked but open to better offers
Closed to Offers: Not currently interested in Messly


We ask doctors to choose what their most important priority for their next locum job - either Pay, Location, Flexibility or Experience - to help you understand what roles to offer the doctor. This is marked as 'My Priority' on the doctors' profile. You can expect that the doctor will be not be negotiable on this criteria.


Commitments tell you what other work doctors will be doing aside from locum work. We ask doctors to tell us whether they have full time work or part-time commitments outside of locum work. We also what specific part-time commitments they have, including any non-clinical. Doctors who mark themselves as 'No Commitments' are only interested in locum work.

Ad-Hoc Requirements:

We now ask doctors what types of locum work they are interested in - Short Term Blocks, Long-Term Blocks or Ad-Hoc work.

If a doctor selects Ad-Hoc work - we ask them what range of ad-hoc work they would like (e.g. weekdays, annual leave, weekends etc)

Travel Preferences:

We now ask doctors to choose their preferred method of transport for locum work. They can select either Car or Public transport. This is helpful information to know when offering doctors jobs, as some hospitals may be a long commute by public transport.

Specific Preferences

We now allow doctors to add any specific circumstances that we've missed in other areas of their profile.. Doctors can add whatever information they want to this section and it will appear under 'Specific Preferences' in the Travel and General Section.

What other information would you like to see on the doctor's profile? Let us know and we'll look at adding it in!

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