Here at Messly, we are creating a new way for doctors to find locum work, and a way for the best and most trusted recruiters to connect with you.

We want Messly to be a high-trust environment for all parties. Therefore, we have created a Code of Conduct for both doctors and recruiters, which sets out the standards which we expect from you whilst you are using Messly.

You can read the Code of Conduct for recruiters here.

👉 1) Ensure your profile is accurate

We expect your profile to have accurate information. This information is used by recruiters send you a specific jobs which are the most suitable to your experience.

This includes:

  • having correct subspecialties, where you have sufficient experience to be suitable for locums

  • complete the list of your existing bank and agency registrations

  • realistic salary and location preferences

If we believe that you have listed unsuitable criteria, or that you're unlikely to find work with the criteria you've set, we will explain this to you and help you reconsider your options.

👉 2) Keep your status up-to-date

Please tell us if you are no longer looking for work. You can update this on your profile or by dropping us a message.

This stops recruiters from wasting their time contacting you when you are no longer available.

👉 3) Be responsive

Recruiters spend time tailoring messages specifically to you, and we expect you to respond when they contact you. We try to make it easy for you to respond and give feedback, which helps the recruiters to find suitable work for you.

If you receive messages which you believe to be completely unsuitable and not meriting a response, please inform us so we can investigate with the recruiter.

👉 4) Try not to miss calls

If you schedule a call with a recruiter, it will drop into your diary to help you keep track, and we expect you to attend the call.

We understand that you may not be able to make a scheduled call if you're busy on the ward, stuck at work late or if your plans change.

If you need to cancel or rearrange the call, then let us or the recruiter know as soon as possible.

👉 5) Let us help you. We have a whole team available to support you with your search for work. If anything is unclear, or if there's any way that we can help, please reach out by email (, text or call (+44 7719 721347) and we will do everything that we can to assist you.

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