Adding your jobs to Messly lets you create engaging messages for doctors and allows us to promote your roles to suitable doctors on the platform.

In the article we'll cover:

1) Your Jobs Page

  • An overview of your jobs page

  • Adding new jobs

  • Responding to doctors who show an interest in your jobs

2) Adding Jobs to Messages

  • Using the Jobs Wizard

  • Recommended Jobs for Doctros

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There are two ways to add jobs onto Messly:

1. Your Jobs Page

i) Overview

Your Jobs page lists all the jobs you currently have on Messly.

Jobs marked as 'Live' are ones that are currently available and will be promoted to doctors on Messly.

We automatically remove 'Live' jobs 30 days after going live and you will have turn them back to live on if you wish to continue promoting them to doctors.

Jobs within the 'Not Active' section are example jobs that aren't promoted to doctors. You can turn them to 'Live' jobs at any time by using the green toggle.

You can edit a job at any time by clicking on the job's organisation. Note you won't be able to amend the grade, specialty or organisation of the role, only the specific details.

For each job you add, we automatically suggest candidates in our database that match your requirements, based on the grade, specialty and location of the role. You can see a list of these candidates and message them by clicking on 'Suitable Doctors'.

ii) Adding New Jobs via the Jobs Page:

You can add a job onto Messly from your jobs page or by clicking 'Add New Job'

From here you will be asked to input specific details of the role. If the rate is higher than that normal, we will ask you to confirm that the rate is correct and adheres to our Code of Conduct.

There are no restrictions on the jobs you can add onto Messly, however you will not be able to post a job on Messly if you have already posted the same job within the last 14 days.

Once the job is posted, we will start promoting it to doctors if it hasn't already been promoted by another recruiter.

We recommend adding as many jobs as possible onto Messly to increase the likelihood of doctors showing an interest in your jobs. Your jobs will not be promoted publicly or to other recruiters on the platform.. We only show jobs to suitable doctors who are actively looking for work.

If you need add jobs in bulk then contact your account manager and we can upload them on your behalf.

iii) Doctors Showing An Interest In Your Jobs

Doctors who you haven't messaged can show an interest in your jobs on Messly and initiate a conversation with you. In order to ensure your conversation doesn't clash with other recruiters at your organisation, we have added some specific rules here:

Scenario 1:

If a doctor who you haven't contacted shows an interest in your job and isn't in contact with anyone else at your organisation, you will be alerted by email and invited to start a conversation with them from your conversations page.

If you're not in conversation with a doctor, they will appear under the 'New Interest' tab of your conversations page.

Scenario 2:

If a colleague contacts the doctor after they have shown an interest in your job and before you respond to them, you won't be able to contact them until their conversation with the other recruiter has closed. They will appear under 'Contacted by Colleagues' section. For this reason, we recommend responding to a doctor as soon as possible after they have shown an interest in your job.

Scenario 3:

If you're already in conversation with a doctor when they show an interest in one of yours jobs, the job will automatically be added to your existing conversation and the conversation will be marked as active if it had previously been closed.

We only allow one recruiter per organisation to be in active contact with a doctor, so you will also be alerted to other jobs at your organisation that the doctor has shown an interest in. This applies in all of the above scenarios.

2. Adding Jobs To Messages

i) Using the Jobs Wizard

All messages to doctors on Messly have to include at least one of your jobs. You can add a job directly into a message when contacting a doctor on Messly.

Our messaging wizard will guide you through adding the right job for a doctor and give you helpful hints as you progress. We highly recommend paying attention to the doctor's wishlist to ensure your job meets all the doctor's requirements.

You can add up to 3 jobs per message. We highly recommend adding more than 1 job to a message to increase the likelihood of the doctor responding to your message.

When you add a job in a message it must meet the following criteria to be successfully added to the message:

  • The job must match the doctor's preferred grade, specialty and work type.

  • The job pay rate must be within 10% of the doctor's minimum hourly rate

  • The job's organisation must not have been offered by another recruiter within 30 days. We do this to stop all recruiters offering doctors the same job.

We also suggest you adhere to the following best practices, although we do not block you from adding jobs that don't meet these criteria.

  • The job is within the doctor's preferred travel distance

  • The job matches the doctor's preferred locum type (e.g. Ad-Hoc, Short-Term Work)

  • You have included some useful additional info about the job (e.g. rota pattern)

ii) Recommended Jobs for Doctors

When messaging a doctor, we use your list of jobs to recommend suitable jobs which you can add directly to the message.

The recommended jobs for a doctor will appear if they match the doctor's requirements and haven't been offered to this doctor by another recruiter. You can click 'Add To Message' to add up to three of these jobs to the message.

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