If you've received interest from a recruiter that you think might be suitable, you can hit the Respond button on your Interest page.

This will open up this page, where you give feedback on how you'd like to proceed.

👉 Giving feedback

Firstly, we show you a little bit of information about the recruiter and the agency. You can click on their bios to bring up more detail

Click through and give you another chance to review the recruiter's message and the jobs that they have suggested.

For each job, you say if ‘I’m Interested’ or ‘It’s not for me’. We also give you the opportunity to ask any questions or provide any feedback to the recruiter here. For example, if you’re interested but you want to know more about the rota you’d be working - this is the place to ask.

Remember that this isn’t a commitment at this stage, just an expression of whether this may be right for you.

👉 Choosing your next step

On the next page, you can decide what you want to do next with this recruiter. There are three options:

1) Keen to learn more, we recommend that you fix a time to speak to the recruiter

You will be taken to a page where you can book in a specific time to speak to that recruiter. We know it's quite frustrating to have to go back and forth lots of times trying to find an available slot, so we hope this saves your time. Once you have picked a time, it will then go into your diary and the recruiter’s, and we'll remind them to them to give you a call at that time.

2) Want more information or you prefer to just message them for now

If you select this option, we'll ask you a couple of questions to understand why you're not ready to speak - maybe you want more information about the roles or you want them to suggest some alternative jobs.

That is really good information for the recruits to know as it helps them try to be more helpful going forward.

3) Not interested in working with them at all

Lastly, if you're not interested at all, you select this third option. You say why you're not interested, and we will close off the conversation and the recruiter won't contact you again.

👉 Speaking to recruiters

If you are interested in a job, we recommend that you do speak to the recruiter. That's where they'll be able to give you a whole lot more information about themselves, the roles and the process for working together. It's a great, no obligation, no commitment way of finding more about them and the roles that they have.

These calls are completely non-committal - there is zero obligation to proceed if you don't want to. The agency is not allowed to keep your personal details on file if you tell them that you don't want to.

👉 Conclusion

You can repeat this process for the interest you’ve received from different recruiters.

We hope this is a really quick and simple way for you to give feedback on the jobs and if you are interested, progress smoothly with that recruiter.

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