👉 Finding your profile

When you're logged into your Messly account, clicking the Profile tab in the menu will open up your profile that you created when you joined.

👉 Editing your profile

From the profile page, you can edit and update any of the information that you've provided to us. For example, if your circumstances have changed and you now want 10 shifts per month instead of 8, or if your desired hourly rate is now £50 instead of £40.

Each section has a little pencil icon. If you click on this it'll open up the relevant section, and allow you to change the information or add additional information as required.

👉 Adding your CV

The CV panel on your profile allows you to upload your CV to your profile, if you haven’t already. There is also a link to do so on your home page.

This is really useful to add, as it will help you get more targeted and more suitable offers and help your profile stand out from others on Messly.

Once we have your CV we will anonymize it and share on your profile, and our team will add details such as exams, education, and clinical experience to your profile.

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