👉 Receiving interest

Once your profile is live it will be reviewed by the recruiters who are on Messly. They will look through your wish-list and decide if they have any relevant jobs for you.

If they do, they will reach out with the specific opportunities that they have that they think are suitable for you and send you an introduction message.

When that happens we'll send you a notification by email and a text message and ask you to come to your Interest page.

👉 Comparing interest

Your Interest page shows you who's contacted you and all of the opportunities that they've suggested.

We want to help you compare and review those so that you can decide whether any are suitable, and help you proceed with those that are.

👉 Map of job locations

The map view shows you pins represents the location of a job that that has been suggested for you with the logo of the agency that's provided it. Your home address is the blue house logo.

If you click on the icon it will bring up the hospital, the specialty and the hourly rate. This is a really good way of comparing what's available based on what's close to home and what's further away.

👉 Recruiter messages and jobs

If you scroll further down, we set out the details of the interest you have received. You can see the names of the agencies and the recruiters who have reached out to you, the status of that conversation and when that was last updated.

Clicking through will show you the message that the recruiter has sent you and the specific details of the jobs. This includes location, grade, specialty, rate, travel distance and any additional details like rota patterns etc.

You use this page to go through each of these and review them and hopefully make a decision as to whether you would like to proceed or reject that offer. You can click Decline, and that will be closed off. If you think you might be interested and you'd like to give some feedback you can press Respond. That will load up a new page which I'll show you in a separate video.

👉 Closed conversations

You'll see some conversations are marked as closed. We close these off if you haven't responded in seven days, but you can still see the information. If you might be interested but perhaps you missed it because you were busy or you were working late, you just hit reopen and you can then respond to that recruiter.

👉 Successful conversations

If you proceed and speak with a recruiter and decide to start working with then, we will update the status to ‘Registration in progress’. There is nothing more to do on this page but we do ask you to leave feedback here. This is really important, as it allows us to gather really good data on who the best recruiters are to make sure that we only have the best ones on Messly.

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