👉 About recommended jobs

As well as receiving interest directly from recruiters, we also allow you to browse the locum shifts that have been posted by recruiters on Messly. We call these recommended jobs.

👉 Viewing recommended jobs

You can view your recommended jobs from the recommended tab within the Messly app.

We only show you the jobs which match your wishlist. So they will all be within your travel radius, at the rates that you want and of course, within your chosen grade and specialty.

Unlike a standard job board, this is a personalised list for you and includes all the details you need to decide if the job might be right for you (no hidden locations or hidden rates).

If there are many of them, you can filter by which is nearest, most recently posted, highest pay etc.

👉 Expressing an interest

If you find a job one that you like, you can press “I'm Interested”.

This sends a notification to the relevant recruiter to say that you may be interested in that role. We then ask them to follow up with you with some more information about that role and asking if you'd like to take the conversation forward.

It's really important to say here that you are not making any commitment at this stage. This is not an application for the shifts - all you are doing is flagging that you might be interested and asking the recruiter to provide you with some more information.

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