Once you've spoken with a recruiter from an agency, if that goes well, they will invite you to start a compliance process with them.

This means they are then able to put you forward for work. Not many people enjoy this process, as it can be quite lengthy and a bit frustrating. Unfortunately, the way the NHS is set up to work with local agencies, you have to do compliance with each of them that you want to work with.

The Locum Compliance Toolkit aims to provide you with information about what's required and some tips for how to make this process as smooth and hassle-free as you can and try and avoid any unnecessary delays.

We have split up everything you need into three sections:

👉 Personal documents

👉 Professional documents

👉 Certificates

Within each of these sections, there's a breakdown of the things that you'll be asked to provide, some tips around what is and isn't acceptable, common pitfalls and then the actions that you need to take to move forward.

We hope that this is a really helpful resource. We are always here to help if you hit a bump in the road, or you're not sure about anything. We've seen hundreds of doctors go through this process, so have seen just about everything related to compliance so I am sure we can help you.

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