We want Messly to be a trusted, friendly and helpful environment for everybody that uses it.

To that end, we have created Codes of Conduct which set out the standards which we expect from recruiters and doctors when using Messly.

The recruiters’ Code of Conduct is here. In short, the key points are:

  • Respecting your wishlist, so they shouldn't be messaging you about things which are outside of your preferred travel distance and below your expected pay etc. cetera

  • They must only post real jobs with achievable rates. We don’t allow bait allowed on Messly

  • We want them to personalize their messages to you.

  • We don't expect them to miss a call once you have scheduled one with them.

These are all small things individually, but by holding them to these standards, we hope that you will get a really good experience.

If you feel like that hasn't happened, we want you to let us know. After interactions with recruiters, we'll ask for feedback. If we see a low score, we will immediately investigate that and work out why that's happened, and if there are repeat offenders, we will remove them from Messly. With this tight feedback loop, we will ensure that only the best recruiters with the best behaviour on Messly.

There is also a Code of Conduct for doctors, which you can see here. We expect you to abide by these rules, to reciprocate to the recruiters on their side.

The key points are:

  • Have accurate information on your profile. So not claiming that you can work in a grade or specialty which you can't.

  • Keep your status up-to-date. So if you're no longer looking for work, we expect you to tell us so that you're not getting messages which may take some time for the recruiters to send if you're not going to reply, because you're not actually looking for work anymore.

  • Be responsive. If someone has taken the time to send you a message, we expect a response. We appreciate that you're really busy and that your clinical responsibilities come first. But even if it's just to say that you can't reply for a week, that's really helpful.

  • Try not to miss scheduled calls. Again, notwithstanding your hospital's duties, if you have booked a call with a recruiter, we ask that you try your best to attend.

Remember that we're here to help. If your situation is changing or the situation at work is quite intense, just let us know. You can drop us a WhatsApp, email us at support@messly.co.uk, or hit the blue chat button in the bottom right-hand corner to start a chat.

We will do our best to help, and we are always on standby.

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