Your pipeline page helps you keep track of active conversations you're having with doctors on Messly and move them through to registering and working with your organisation.

How It Works

You'll see a list of all your active conversations on Messly on your pipeline page, grouped by the status of the conversation. When a doctor first shows an interest in working with you, they will appear as 'Initial Conversation' and will move to 'Started Work' once they have registered and started working with you.

Each doctor you're speaking to has a conversation card. You can drag the conversation cards across from left to right, and right to left to automatically update the status of the conversation. This will trigger an email to the doctor based on the status you have selected.

If you want to close a conversation, click 'Close' and the conversation will be removed from your active conversations.

To help you keep track of conversations that are falling behind, we will automatically highlight old conversations in red. You can chose to reach out to the doctor to re-engage them or close the conversation.

Adding Notes

You can also add notes to your conversations by clicking 'Add Note' on the conversation card. This will be helpful to keep track of doctors you've chased up and any actions you need to take. Our team also review your notes and can jump in and help if we can see you need it.

Why should I keep my conversations up-to-date?

Keeping your conversations up-to-date helps to tell doctors where they are up to in the conversation.

When you update a conversation status - it triggers a series of emails and reminders from Messly that educate the doctor on the next steps and reminders if they are dropping off in the process..

For example if you update the status to 'Request Documents' - the doctor will receive an email from us explaining the compliance process and what to expect next from your organisation. If we see they are still at 'Request Documents' after 21 days - we will send them a reminder on the app and ask them whether they are still interested in registering with you.

The Messly team keep track on your pipeline and can chase up doctors who are falling behind. If we can see your pipeline is falling behind and not being kept up-to-date, we may restrict your account from messaging new doctors.

Top Tips

  • Update your conversation statuses regularly to keep doctors in the loop on where they are up to.

  • Add notes to your conversations to keep track of what's happening and actions you need to take.

  • Close off any old conversations promptly

Common Questions

Why can't I see a doctor I messaged on Messly?

The pipeline page only shows doctors that you are active conversation with. This means they have expressed an interest in working with you after you have messaged them. If a doctor doesn't express an interest in working with you after you have messaged them - they will not appear on your pipeline page.

What are the conversation statuses?

Here are the conversation statuses on Messly and the standard service level agreements for each status:




Initial Conversation

Doctors who have expressed an interest in working with you on Messly

10 days

More Information Needed

Doctors who are interested in working with you and require additional information

10 days

Call Scheduled

Doctors who have scheduled calls with you on Messly

1 day after the call

Request Documents

Doctors who you are registering with your organisation

21 days

Documents Approved

Doctors who have been approved to work with your organisation


Started Work

Doctors who have started working with your organisation


Conversation Closed

Doctors who are you are longer interested in working with


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