Junior doctors on Messly are interested in locum work in lots of different sub-specialties but it's not always clear which sub-specialty they are most interested in when suggesting a job for them.

From 15th March 2021, all new doctors on Messly will be asked to specify their preferred sub-specialties in rank order from 1 to 10.

How It Works

On a doctor's profile, you will now see a list of their doctors sub-specialties in rank order.

When you message a doctor on Messly - a note will appear below the sub-specialty dropdown if the doctor has ranked their sub-specialties.

You will be able to see a list of the doctor's preferred sub-specialties in rank order when you select the job sub-specialty.

When you have selected a job sub-specialty - our system will tell you where that sub-specialty ranks in the doctor's preferences.

We recommend paying close attention to the rank order of the sub-specialties. Suggesting a job that falls into the doctor's top 3 gives you a much higher chance of getting a positive response.

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