We've received consistent feedback from GPs that they would like more precise information on a job's location beyond the job's region, in order to decide whether the role is suitable for them.

From April 5 2021, you will be able to add more precise location for GP practices when messaging GPs on Messly. This will allow GPs to receive more accurate travel distance and travel times. We will continue to withhold the name and precise location of the GP practice to protect your client relationship.

How It Works

When you are messaging a GP on Messly, you will now be prompted to enter the address of the GP practice instead of the organisation. We suggest adding the street name or postcode for the role.

Our system will determine the travel distance and travel time for the doctor which will be displayed below the search input.

You can see how the job will appear to the doctor. As you can see we do not display the name or exact address of the GP practice, however the travel distance and times are now accurately reflected.

This feature is currently only available when messaging doctors. We will soon be adding support for adding custom addresses to GP jobs posted directly onto Messly.

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