👉 When will my Messly profile go live?

Your Messly profile will go live between 30th April and 28th May. This is the earliest time to start the process of registering with agencies for locum work - any earlier and they won't have a good idea what work they would have for you, and you might still be evaluating other options alongside locuming too.

👉 Why can't I just go live now?

Locum work for August is only just starting to be released, so we have decided to wait until the end of the month before your profile goes live. This means you'll be able to have more meaningful conversations with agencies about what work they will have for you.

👉 Will I miss out by waiting?

No... As August jobs are only just starting to trickle out you won't miss out by waiting a few more weeks. There is usually much more locum work available than there are locums available to work, so there is plenty to go around. You also wont be disadvantaged if your profile goes live towards the end of the period or if you wish to delay your profile going live. It will be worth the wait, we promise.

👉 Why are you spreading it out?

This ensures that the locum agencies and the Messly team can give you a great, personalised service tailored to your specific F3 plans.

👉 What exactly happens when my profile is "live"?

You will be able to see live locum jobs that the locum agencies have posted on Messly, and express an interest in the ones that suit you best. You then arrange to speak to the relevant recruiter who can give you more information about these jobs and other options and explain the process.

You will also receive messages from recruiters, which will appear in your Messly Inbox. They review the wishlist on your profile and contact you with details of the most suitable jobs for you. Again, if you're interested you can arrange to speak to them to learn more.

👉 What if I am not sure what I want to for my F3 yet?

That's fine! We are here to help you understand the locum options available to you so you can start planning for a successful F3 year. By learning which are the best recruiters, and speaking with them, you will understand how much work is available in your chosen areas, how much you might earn and how to go about getting booked in for work. You won't be under any obligation to take work or register with a locum agency.

👉 What if I no longer want to use Messly?

If you are sure that you don't want locum work for your F3, or if you have found your perfect locum agency already, you can opt out by emailing support@messly.co.uk. We will then keep your profile on hold for you and you won't be contacted by anyone.

👉 Is there a Messly app?

Yes! You can click here to download the app on iOS and Android. This makes it easier to use Messly on your phone and keep up to date as your search for work develops.

We look forward to helping you find great locum work as part of your perfect F3 year. Keep an eye out for more information from us over the next few days 🙏

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