In certain cases, where agreed with your manager, we will introduce a message quota on Messly. You will be allocated a fixed number of messages each month to contact candidates on Messly, and can request more messages if you are performing well.

Why are we introducing a message quota?

Simply, we want to encourage higher quality engagements between recruiters and recruiters on Messly. We have observed that having 'all you can eat' messaging doesn't encourage recruiters to target candidates with care, or encourage you to make the most of the candidates in your pipeline. This leads to large volume of messages but lower engagement and placement rates, particularly amongst high volume users on Messly.

Our aim is encourage higher quality interactions between recruiters and candidates where there is a thoughtful consideration of whether a recruiter is a good match for a candidate and can offer them what they are looking for. Naturally, this leads to much higher placement rates.

How will it work?

You will have been allocated a monthly allowance of messages. You can see your monthly quota when you login to your dashboard.

This displays the number of candidates you can message on Messly each month. This will re-set at the beginning of every month.

When you message any candidate on Messly, we will deduct one message from your quota. This will apply even if a candidate does not respond to your message.

When you have reached your limit for the month, you will not be able to message new doctors on Messly, unless you request more messages and this is agreed between Messly and your manager.

How many messages with I receive?

You can see how many messages you have been allocated and have remaining on your dashboard. The number of messages will be decided by managers in your team in conjunction with the Messly team. This may vary from month to month.

Do my messages roll over?

No, unused messages do roll over to the following month.

What happens when I've used all my messages?

When you've used all your messages, you can request more messages from your account manager and/or your line manager. The Messly team and your manager will assess whether to issue you more messages based on feedback from doctors and the health of your Messly pipeline. This includes the level of engagement you've had with Messly candidates and your placement rate of candidates on Messly.

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