When messaging a doctor on Messly, you'll be asked to provide up to 3 suitable jobs.

You will be given the option to chose a live job or an example job. In this article we'll explain the difference between the two.

What are example jobs?

We know that agencies often receive regular work from Trusts which they may wish to advertise to doctors, even if the work is currently not available. In this case, you can use an example job which provides details of the role and lets doctors know this role is not available but may be available when they've registered with you.

Example jobs should be:

  • Based at Trusts you are likely to receive work

  • Where you have previously placed candidates

  • You have a clear idea of the details of the role, including pay rates

You should not add a job as an example job if:

  • You have never worked with the Trust before

  • You have no clear idea of the details of the role, including pay rates

  • The role is unlikely to come up within the doctor's availability window

  • You are unlikely to place candidates into that role

What are live jobs?

Live jobs are jobs that are have been posted by Trusts and are available during the doctor's availability window. When you add a live job, doctors will be notified that this role is currently available. We encourage adding live jobs as doctors are often keen to know what work is available now and more likely to follow through on registration if you have a well-matched role.

Live jobs should be:

  • Only posted if the job is confirmed to be available during the doctors availability window.

  • You have previously placed candidates at the Trust.

You should not add a live job if:

  • The job is not currently available

  • You have not previously placed a candidate at the Trust.

How it Works

When you are messaging doctors, you will be asked to provide specific details of a job.

Within entering these details, you'll be asked to provide a start date or select the role as an example job.

If you add a start date, the role will automatically be marked as a live job. If you select 'Example' - the role will be marked as an example job.


As part of our Code of Conduct - we regularly audit jobs posted on the platform to ensure they meet the above standards, and restrictions may be put in place if we find the roles posted do not meet these standards.

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