You'll now be asked to add specific locum rates for each locum type (adhoc, short-term or long-term locums) when adding jobs onto Messly

We've added this feature to make it easier for doctors to know what rates are achievable, and to ensure they aren't being misled by high rates that are only available for last minute or ad-hoc work. We can also see that locum rates vary significantly within Trusts depending on volume of work and tiering, so we hope this will provide more transparency for doctors and ensure locum rates accurately reflect what's available.

How It Works:

When adding a job onto Messly - either directly or when messaging a doctor - you'll be asked to specify which types of locum work are available for a job - either Ad-Hoc, Short-Term or Long-Term work.

For each locum type you select, you'll be asked to provide specific salary range for that type of work.

At a minimum you'll need to provide a one rate for each type of work.

If your rate exceeds the expected rates for the job, you'll be ask to provide confirmation that you are complying with our Code of Conduct.

When a doctor now sees your job, this will the the lowest and highest rates you've added and we will make it very clear that whether the rates you have supplied refer to Ad-Hoc, Short-Term or Long-Term work.

We also recommend adding more detail where possible in the additional information. This helps to manage the doctor's expectations and let them know what is realistic and achievable.

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