You'll now be able to see how you're performing on Messly based on the data we've collected since you joined us.

Your performance dashboard gives you all the latest data on your performance and allows you to compare your performance to peers at your agency:.

Why are we tracking performance?

We want to make sure that doctors on Messly are matched with the best recruiters and reward recruiters who are engaged and make the most of candidates on the platform. The behaviour we want to encourage include:

  • Regularly placing doctors you engage with

  • Engaging with the right candidates based on the work you have available

  • Getting positive feedback from doctors on their experience of working with you.

  • Keeping your pipeline up-to-date and closing off conversations that aren't progressing.

We've seen lots of variability in all of these areas both within and between agencies. Over the coming months, we will be introducing a broad set of features that reward higher performing recruiters in these areas, ensuring access to more candidates and actively promoting them on Messly. Equally, recruiters who perform badly will have access restricted and will not actively promoted to Messly doctors.

We want to make this data openly available to you and to doctors to encourage you keep track of your performance, work with our team to improve and make the most of the Messly platform.

How It Works?

We've split your performance data into 3 key areas:

  1. Your Placement Rate

This gives us an indication of how likely you are to place doctors on Messly. It is the proportion of candidates you place into roles out of the ones who have agreed to register with your agency. We calculate this based on the number of doctors marked as 'Started Work' over the number of doctors that are marked as "Request Documents'.

2. Your Engagement Rate

This gives us an indication of how likely you are to get a candidate interested in working with you. It is the proportion of candidates who agree to register with your agency out of all the doctors you contact on Messly. We calculate this based on the number of doctors marked as 'Requested Documents' over the number of messages you've sent.

3. Your Review Score

This tells us whether doctors have a good first impression of you. It is an average of all the feedback you've received on Messly from doctors you've spoken with.

For each area, we had given you a benchmark score (High, Average, Low) so you know how this compare to other recruiters on Messly. This data is benchmarked from all of the conversations and recruiters using the platform.

We have also provided an agency leaderboard, so you can see how your performance compares to your colleagues in detail:

Your performance data is visible to 1) everyone at your agency who uses Messly and 2) to doctors you engage with on Messly. We do not share this data with other agencies.

Over the coming weeks we'll be sharing best practice on how to improve your performance metrics and make the most of Messly.

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