In addition to the live doctor profiles which you can currently view on Messly, there is a wider pool of 5,000+ doctors who have created profiles on Messly to search for locum work in the last 12 months.

We are offering a new service to reach this wider pool by email and/or app notification, telling them about certain roles which we believe to be of particular interest and relevance for them.

Suitable Jobs

We are extremely careful not to overwhelm this list, so only offer this service for jobs which we feel are deserving. This will be because of one or more of the following factors:

Unusually high pay

Rare roles for that grade / specialty

High level of flexibility

High level of certainty

Great learning experience


1) Complete the template below and send over to Tara ( You can also access this from your Jobs page on Messly.

2) We will review the information provided, and will ask for more information I needed. We will then let you know within 48 hours if this will go ahead or not.

3) The campaign will go live, and interested doctors will be passed over to you on Messly. This will either be directly booking a call with you, or a conversation on Messly being transferred to you. You will be notified in both cases.

4) You will then follow up with the doctor as normal.

The normal process of adding or uploading your jobs to Messly and them being shared with Live Doctors is unchanged — this is an additional process.

If you have any questions on how this will work, please get in touch.

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