From 13th September 2021, doctors can choose to use Docs to store and share their compliance documents with you.

You will be able to request and download compliance documents from candidates who have used Docs.

This is currently in a trial period, but we hope that if successful this will significantly improve the speed of registering Messly candidates through compliance.

How It Works:

  1. Doctors upload and store their key compliance documents on Messly when they register with us. We provide them with helpful hints and best practice so they upload the right documents. See below for information on what documents doctors can share with Docs.

  2. After you've spoken to a doctor, you can request to view the doctor's documents by marking the conversation status as 'Request Documents' from your conversation page. Note that if the conversation status is not updated to Request Documents, the candidate cannot share their documents with you.

  3. If a doctors approves your request, you will be alerted by email and will be able to download their documents from your 'Documents' page on your dashboard.

Once you've downloaded their documents and passed over to your compliance colleagues, uou'll still need to contact the doctor about specific steps to register with your agency including application forms, occupational health screening, reference checks and interviews. We recommend doing this after they've shared their documents on Messly.

Common Questions:

👉 What documents do you collect from candidates Messly?

We collect the following documents from candidates on Messly:

  1. Identity Documents (including Proof of Address for DBS)

  2. Right to Work Documents (DBS Update Service status, Passport, Visa, Certificate of Sponsorship, Overseas Police Checks)

  3. CV & Professional Photo

  4. Qualifications (Med School Cert, GMC Cert, GMC Annual Retention, ALS)

  5. Appraisal Record

  6. Existing Mandatory Training Certifications

  7. Immunisation Records

  8. List of Referees with contact details

Please note that candidates are not required to store ALL of these documents on Messly, so you will see candidates with partially completed records. We have that this still speeds up the process.

👉 What information/documents are still required from doctors who've sent their document on Messly?

We do not collect the following information from doctors on Messly.

  1. Agency Application Forms

  2. Occupational Health Forms

  3. Reference Checks

  4. Interviews

Each agency will be required to contact the doctor and carry out these checks individually.

👉 How do I request documents from a candidate?

You can request documents from a candidate by marking the status of a conversation as 'Request Documents'. This will alert the candidate you're interested in registering them with your organisation and prompt them to share their documents on Messly.

We recommend requesting documents from a doctor after you've spoken to them.

👉 How do I know which candidates have shared their documents with me?

Candidates who have shared their documents with you will appear under the 'Documents' section of your Messly dashboard. You will see a list of the documents a doctor has submitted and be able to download them.

👉 I requested documents from a candidate but it's not showing up?

This may be one of four reasons:

  1. The candidate has not uploaded their documents to Messly yet.

  2. The candidate has refused to share their documents with you. This might be because they have chosen to register with another organisation.

  3. The candidate has not responded to your request yet: We recommend chasing up the doctor if they haven't responded within 72 hours of receiving your request.

  4. A candidate has removed access to their documents or deleted their account on Messly.

👉 Does Messly check the validity of documents added to Docs?

No, each agency is responsible for checking the documents submitted by candidates and ensuring they fall under the framework requirements.

👉 I found an issue with one of the documents that has been shared with me, what should I do?

Once a candidate has shared documents with you, we recommend contacting them directly with any specific issues with the documents. Either by email or messaging them on Messly.

👉 A few documents are missing, what should I do?

Candidates may not have everything available when they share their documents with you. Any additional documents they add after they've shared their documents will be visible on your Documents page. Otherwise we recommend contacting the doctor directly and encouraging them to add any missing documents.

👉 How do I know if a candidates has documents available on Messly?

You will see a new tag on the candidate's profile which indicates they have documents available on Messly and a progress bar that indicates what proportion of their documents they have uploaded.

👉 Can I use Docs for older candidates I've spoken to on Messly?

Yes you can use Docs to re-engage candidates you've spoken to who haven't registered with your agency. To do so you need to mark the conversation as 'Request Documents' to send a request to a candidate to share their documents. Bear in mind older Messly candidates may not have added their documents onto Messly.

👉 Do I have to use Docs? Can I just email candidates what paperwork I need?

No you're not obliged to use Docs, however we strongly recommend using this feature as doctors on Messly are much less to register with your organisation if they have to resubmit all the information they have already provided us, and other recruiters are willing to accept these documents.

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