We're pleased to announce the launch of Docs to doctors using Messly.

Docs is a new service from Messly to help doctors save time registering with locum agencies, so you can quickly start working quickly and without hassle.

We're doing away with:
😕 confusing instructions

📧 endless emails

📂 documents scattered in different folders

😡 repeating the process with different agencies

You use Docs to learn what documents you need to provide, store them in one place and share with locum agencies in one click.

Doctors that trialled Docs so far managed to register with locum agencies 70% faster than those who didn't, saving them time and allowing them to start locum work sooner.

Here's how it works:

👉 1) Learn what you need to do

We explain what you need to provide, based on your circumstances, split into clear sections. Find action steps and checklists, with additional guides and FAQs for the trickiest ones.

👉 2) Store your documents

Easily and securely upload your documents from your computer or phone and tick it off your action list. Your data on Messly is encrypted and secured with the most modern technology to ensure it's safe.

You then have everything you need together in one place, and no more confusion over what you've done and what is still outstanding.

👉 3) Share with chosen locum agencies

Just hit the share button and your documents are instantly sent over to an

agency on Messly. If you want to work with more than one, it's just one additional click to share your documents with them. And nobody sees your documents unless you've approved them first.

To get started, login to your Messly account and hit the Docs button in the menu or use the button below.

I hope you find it useful, and once you've had a look we would love to hear to your feedback.

Common Questions

Why are you doing this?

Messly's locum-finding app helps doctors find locum work quickly and easily, connecting you to the best agencies and putting the doctor in control of the process. A bug bear of doctors looking for locums is the registration process, which can be frustratingly slow.

Common complaints are confusing instructions, endless back-and-forth by email, your documents scattered in different folders… and then having to repeat that again with another agency in future.

We're confident that Docs will help you find locum work quickly and easily, on your terms.

Does it really make the process faster?

We found that doctors that have used Docs completed compliance 70% faster than those who didn't, saving them time and allowing them to start locum work sooner.

I am not ready to start uploading documents, but can I read more about the registration process in the meantime?

We’ve built a Help Centre for doctors, where you can read about the registration requirements ahead of time.

What if I don’t have a document with me yet?

You can start uploading documents and come back later to finish it off. Documents are saved as you go along, so you can come back whenever you like to add the rest.

Will my documents be safe?

Your data on Messly is encrypted and secured with the most modern technology to ensure it's safe.

How do I share my documents with a locum agency?

Agencies you’re speaking to on Messly will request to view your documents. Just head to the Requests page with Docs, and press ‘Approve’ next to the agency’s name. Your documents are instantly made available for them to view and download.

If you add more documents in future, they will be automatically be notified. And if you wish to revoke access for any reason you can, and they won’t be able to see them on Messly anymore.

Can any agency see my documents?

Only agencies who you have directly approved through the above method will have access to your documents.

Can I share my documents with more than one locum agency?

The product is designed to make it easier to register with multiple agencies if you wish. It's just one additional click to share your documents with additional agencies.

Once I have uploaded everything to Docs, am I done?

Nearly… There are some things that the agencies need to contact you directly about. These are:

  • Application Forms: Each agency will send over their application forms, which they need to collect directly.

  • Occupational Health: You'll be asked to complete occupational health screening form by the agency.

  • Reference Checks: The agency will request references from your referees. They will ask your permission before they do so.

  • Interview: You'll need to do a short interview with each agency, where they ask to see your physical documents. These are currently being conducted by video / phone until April 2022 due to COVID.

Can I use Docs on my mobile app or desktop?

Docs works on both on your mobile (via the app or browser) and from a desktop or laptop computer. We recommend you use it from whichever device you have easier access to your documents.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s completely free!

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