We’ve been getting great feedback from doctors about recruiters on Messly so we thought we’d share it with you!

You can now see your Messly Score on your Dashboard. Your score is an average of all the feedback we’ve received from Messly doctors who’ve had a telephone conversation with.

Your Messly score will updated daily based on any feedback we receive. You can improve your Messly score by having lots of great calls with doctors on Messly. We only ask for feedback from doctors after they have spoken to you.

When speaking to doctors we recommend:

  • Answering your calls on time, or rescheduling if you can't make the time

  • Reviewing the doctor's profile before the call so you have a clear idea of a doctor's circumstances when you speak to them

  • Being polite, honest and friendly during the call

  • Following up promptly with the doctor on next steps if they've agreed to work with you.

  • Encourage the doctor to leave feedback for you after the call

  • Keeping to Messly's Code of Conduct

Common Questions

Why can't I see my Messly Score?

You won't see your Messly Score until you receive a minimum amount of feedback from doctors you've spoken to on Messly.

Can I see which doctors have left feedback for me?

No, we ask doctors to give their feedback to Messly anonymously to encourage them to be candid and honest with their feedback. If you have an issue with your Messly score, you can contact us to discuss this.

What if a doctor leaves feedback that is unfair?

Over 95% of feedback left for recruiters on Messly is positive. However we investigate any feedback where a doctor leaves negative feedback. We look to understand if the feedback is unfair and see if we can help resolve any issues. If we deem the feedback to be unfair, we will remove it from your score.

Will I be penalised for missing calls on Messly?

We currently only request feedback from doctors who have spoken to you, so your feedback isn't impacted by missed calls. However we encourage you to be punctual and responsive to scheduled calls. Doctors are more likely to leave negative feedback if you missed your last call. If you can't make the call, you can easily reschedule it from your conversation page.

Can I leave feedback for doctors?

You can't leave formal feedback for Messly doctor's but we want to know if you've had a specific issue with a doctor you've spoken to. Please contact us though Whatsapp or email (tara@messly.co.uk) with the details of the doctor and the issue. We will investigated into the issue, and take any necessary action on the doctor if required.

Who can see my Messly Score?

Your Messly Score is visible to doctors you message and to managers within your organisation.

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